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This Unlimited

Making marketing more human by crafting authentic live experiences, that genuinely connect with people

This Unlimited is the Unlimited Group's brand experience agency - specialists in experiential campaigns, event management and brand hospitality.  

This Unlimited believes that for brands to truly connect and resonate with people, they need to do it the old fashioned way – person to person. So it gives brands a human presence, creating event environments that put the power of personal interaction at the core, to enhance or challenge perceptions.

This isn’t to say it doesn’t believe in the use of the right technology. Its events bridge the gap, bringing live environments and digital worlds together in a credible and balanced way.

This shared philosophy amongst a passionate and talented team is coupled with a mix of strategic planning, insight and creativity, to craft successful brand experiences.


Principal staff

Peter Brown, Managing Director
Sarah Mitchell, Head of Experiential


  • Experiential campaigns and activations
  • Event management
  • Brand hospitality


Sarah Mitchell

+44 (0)117 244 1400

www.thisunlimited.com @thisunlimited